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Join a course to learn and practice your French as part of a group in a fun and motivating environment. Get plenty of opportunities to converse in French with fellow learners, to enhance your language skills and to build confidence writing and speaking French.

Current Courses

French Beginners Course: This course aims to bring you from an A0/A1 level (beginner) to a B1 level (pre-intermediate) of language proficiency in a fun group atmosphere. It is divided in 12 modules of 6 to 8 weeks each. It is very interactive, with activities to practice the language, games, practice sheets and your own online space for class notes and resources.

@ The Boyle Family Resource Centre we will start our module 4 on "Fashion and Sales" learn how ask your size in clothes shops, talk about the weather and many more fun things. Starting on the 9th of April from 6:15pm to 7:15pm for 6 weeks

@ The Avalon Centre we will tackle our module 5 on "Leasure and Time" learn how to say/ask the time, talk about your pass times and plenty more. Starting on the 10th of April from 6:15 to 7:15pm for 6 weeks

How It Works



Interested or simply curious? Contact Julien by phone, email, text, WhatsApp or through Facebook/Instagram.



Julien then sends you a short registration form to fill prior to the start of the course with payment information at the end.



Yes, time to head to your weekly French lesson to learn, chat, practice your French and enjoy doing so.



You are always more than welcome to join the next module or else just get in touch with Julien and he will be happy to help.

Past  Courses

From Leaving Cert to courses for adults, from Ballymote to Boyle and Sligo, there was, and will be, many opportunities to learn, keep on learning and enjoy learning French. If you have missed any of these courses do not worry. The French Oral Prep for Senior Cycle students takes place every year, the French Beginners Course is always running and the first module will actually start again in September 2024. New courses (online, for Junior Cycle students, etc.) are also in the making. To stay in the loop simply join the mailing list by sending me an email.


Julien is one of those teachers you wished you had when you were young. He is attentive to everyone's needs and knows how to keep classes engaging and fun. You will feel challenged but not overwhelmed and have a good laugh at the end. I can only highly recommended his classes. Merci beaucoup, Julien!

Teresa Silva

Julien's friendly enthusiastic approach is very encouraging when learning a new language. I think he is a very good teacher and feel he has given me the confidence to progress with my learning.

Jacinta Gallagher

Really amiable and knowledgeable teacher, I have been to two courses at different levels with him and can only say positive things about his teaching style and ability to give comprehensive answers and explanations to each quirk of the French language. Je le recommande!

Fergus Collins

I have recently completed my first six week beginners French course with Julian at the Boyle family resource Center and highly recommend it. The course is very enjoyable and well paced. Julian teaches with great enthusiasm for the language and offers wonderful support through the on line classroom.

Lorraine Meehan

Julien is a brilliant teacher! I’ve completed unit 1 beginners French and Julien is so enthusiastic and patient and I’m really looking forward to continuing my French learning with him for unit 2. The lessons are a mixture of interactive conversations, games and worksheets. Definitely recommended if you’re looking to learn a new language! Thanks Julien 😊

Lisa Kelly