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Dear all,

First of all, I would like to thank all the students who took part this year in one of my French courses, lessons and grinds. It was truly a pleasure to have met you (face to face or virtually). I look forward to seeing you again in the new year. 😊

To those of you I have yet to meet, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you this first Newsletter. At the moment, the plan is to email you twice a year (end of the year and mid-year). If you would like to unsubscribe from this mailing list, just let me know. 📧

Decisions, decisions

Almost one year since I started this venture in the West! From my first grinds, to my first course at the Yeats buildings in Sligo, from bringing French to primary schools to subbing in secondary schools and correcting exams, to finally getting new courses running in Boyle and Ballymote… this year surely went by quickly. For 2024 I have therefore decided to add another 6 courses.

For those who want to give French a try (for the first time or again), or if you know someone that may want to, I will start three new French Beginners courses in Strandhill, Tubbercurry and Carrick on Shannon. We will start right from the beginning with Module 1 on introducing oneself. Of course Sligo (module 4 on fashion and sales), Ballymote and Boyle (module 3 on food) will still be going strong! 💪

On top of that the French Oral Prep course will return in 2024 once more but this time I am adding Ballymote and Boyle on top of Sligo. This course is aimed at Higher and Ordinary senior cycle students who want to get ready for their French Oral exam for the Leaving Cert. So if you know any student (or even French teachers) who may be interested, feel free to spread the word! 🌎

Christmas is coming

If you have yet to find a gift for a dear member of the family or for that one special friend of yours, why not give them the gift of the “French language”. You can now purchase one of the courses for someone. All I need is their name and email address to send them a little note telling them they got a gift from you (or you might want to keep it a secret?). So until the 5th of January I am adding a little discount to the upcoming French courses. 🎁

For any of the French Beginners Courses and French Oral Prep you book before that date (apart from those taking place in family resource centers) you get a €10 discount on the price of the course. As one wise French philosopher once said “Every little helps” 🤔

Courses starting in January 2024


I actually got in touch with them and they sent you a little message:

Bonjour ! We are Judith and Hélène, from Easy French! We are 2 language-lovers who were originally fans of Easy Languages, a global network that teaches languages online all over the world. Our enthusiasm for this project led us to join Easy Languages and create the Easy French YouTube channel and more recently, the Easy French podcast. Our goal is to help people learn French in the most entertaining and efficient way, through natural conversations among native speakers and with the help of subtitles and transcripts. We hope you will find our content helpful in your learning journey! We wish you all the best for this holiday season, and a lot of success and fun learning French in 2024!

Best wishes,

Easy French Team (Hélène & Judith)


“Bienvenue chez moi” de Big Flo et Oli
“Big Flo et Oli” are two brothers from the south of France who released their first album in 2015. Since then they have become more and more famous and have filled up many big stadiums in France. What I find interesting about this particular video is how, as the title says, they “welcome you to their place”. Not just their home town Toulouse, but their place being the whole of France and surrounding French speaking countries. Quite inviting indeed, isn’t it? 🎵

So I thought I would share it with you… through this great website I have used many times with my students: I always found one section of this website in particular very interesting. It is called “Apprendre le français” and you can find there many online self-lead activities to help you practice your French. One of which is about this particular video clip from Big Flo and Oli. So if you fancy some French fun over the end of the year celebrations… there you are!

Private Tuition, Grinds, Online and face to face lessons
In case you did not know, I am available “for hire” for one on one or group classes, online and face to face…within a 25km drive from Ballymote. Here are the fees that will apply from the 1st of February 2024:
  • Face to face and online: €40/hour for one person. €50/h for two people. €60/h for a trio. For bigger groups, simply get in touch.
  • For returning students or anyone who starts before the end of January 2024: €35/hour for one person. €50/h for two. €60/h for a trio. For bigger groups, please do get in touch. 📩
On the admin side of things
Two small changes:
  1. You can now contact me at (but you can still use
  2. For future returning students, I have changed my bank details so if you book another course in the future make sure to update my details.
Sharing is caring 🧡
You have made it to the end of this email: “un grand merci!” If you would like to help spread the love of French please feel free to share this newsletter with whoever you think may find it interesting. I am also attaching to this email a promotion poster for my grinds and upcoming courses. 📰
One thing I have learnt since moving to Ireland…18 years ago already… is that nothing beats word of mouth! So if you want to even go a step further and you have any nice comments to make about your experience of my courses, grinds or lessons you are always more than welcome to leave a Google or Facebook review. I you have any remarks or anything you believe I need to improve, I am also all ears and more than happy to keep on learning thanks to you (simply drop me an email) 😉
Voilà! Je vous souhaite à tous de belles fêtes de fin d’année. Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!
A bientôt,
Julien – 087 785 6252 –