2017/18 – TY & 5th years – French play (FTFS)

Chers étudiants,

On Thursday the 25th of January the French Theatre For School troupe will come to St Conleth’s college to do their interactive play called: “Le texte perdu”. At 1:20pm the show will start in the new performance hall for all TYs and 5th years.

You can find here the links to the summary of the play and some useful vocabulary to understand the play.

So have a read through the material and see you on Thursday for a little over an hour of French fun!

Mr Porzadny

2016/17 – TY – Posters pour le DELF


Choisissez un sujet de la liste ci-dessous et créez un petit poster avec quelques mots de vocabulaire utiles:

    • Family

    • Myself, personality, physical description, feelings

    • Date, seasons, days, parts of the day

    • Ordinal and cardinal numbers

    • Professions

    • The city, countries, nationalities, types of houses, furniture, address

    • Sports and games

    • Music and songs, the cinema, the theatre, TV, the library

    • Shops and clothes, colours and patterns

    • Food and restaurants

    • The human body and health

    • The school system

    • Means of transport

    • Means of communication and technology

    • Animals

    • Trips and holidays

    • The weather forecast