2017/18 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd years – French play (FTFS)

Chers étudiants,

On Thursday the 25th of January the French Theatre For School troupe will come to St Conleth’s college to do their interactive play called: “La visite”. At 9.20am the first show will start  for the 3rd years and 2A and at 11am the second show will start for the 1st years and 2B.

You can find here the links to the summary of the play, some useful vocabulary to understand the play and the songs that will be sang in the play.

I am embedding underneath the videos for the songs in the play:

So have a read/play through all the material and see you on Thursday for a little over an hour of French fun!

Mr Porzadny

2016/17 – 2nd Year – Preparation for the Oral Spring assessment

La préparation à l’Oral :

  1. Pronounciation: accent, words are properly said, [(h)], not saying the last consonnant if there is no vowel after it, don’t pronounce the e, es, ent at the end of verbs, [R], [on] – un bonbon, [an] – un banc, [ou] – un hibou, [u] – La voiture
  2. Elaboration: Could say: “J’ai un frère” or “J’ai un frère il s’appelle Fred” -> If you pick the more “elaborated” answer you impress the examiner more -> shows effort hence -> good preps for JC and LC
  3. Preparation: Learn your vocab and your answers. -> you won’t hesitate (communication) -> you understand the questions (because you have translated them) -> Flowy -> You’ll know what to say -> you won’t make grammar mistakes