2018/19- 6th years – La lettre formelle

The formal letter has only come up once since 2007, in 2016 
● This question usually asks you to write a letter in order to apply for a job/ make a complaint/ book a hotel room
● As it is a formal letter, you must use formal language and only ever address the recipient as “vous”
● Formal letters have a required structure:
○ On the top right, write the city and date of the letter eg. Dublin, le 8 mai 2018.
○ Under this, write the name, title and address of the person you are writing to
○ On the line below this, but on the left hand side of the page, write the name and address given to you as the sender by the question
○ Open the letter with Madame or Monsieur
○ Sign off with “Veuillez agréer Madame/Monsieur, l’expression de mes sentiments distingués” which means “Yours sincerely” and the name given to you in the question.
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