2018/2019 – 2nd years – Les verbes pronominaux

  • Les verbes pronominaux
    • What is it? A verb that starts with a pronoun. Usually they express an action done upon oneself (se laver = to wash oneself, se cacher = to hide (oneself))
    • How to conjugate them? Se cacher
      • Je (personal pronoun) me (reflexive pronoun) cache = I hide
      • Tu te caches = You hide
      • Il/Elle/on se cache = He/She/one/wed hide
      • Nous nous cachons = We hide
      • Vous vous cachez = You hide (plural or formal)
      • Ils/Elles se cachent = They hide
    • Example of two sentences :
      • Sergei se cache derrière un arbre. = Sergei hides behind a tree.
      • David ne se cache pas derrière l’arbre mais derrière le mur. (the NE and the PAS surround the pronominal verb, same as a normal verb)
  • DM: exercices page 209 (Bienvenue en France numéro 1)

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