2016/17 – TY – Posters pour le DELF


Choisissez un sujet de la liste ci-dessous et créez un petit poster avec quelques mots de vocabulaire utiles:

    • Family

    • Myself, personality, physical description, feelings

    • Date, seasons, days, parts of the day

    • Ordinal and cardinal numbers

    • Professions

    • The city, countries, nationalities, types of houses, furniture, address

    • Sports and games

    • Music and songs, the cinema, the theatre, TV, the library

    • Shops and clothes, colours and patterns

    • Food and restaurants

    • The human body and health

    • The school system

    • Means of transport

    • Means of communication and technology

    • Animals

    • Trips and holidays

    • The weather forecast

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