2015/16 – 5th Years – Cours du lundi 4 avril

Reminder Homework for Thursday:

Vocab test on Unit 6 (Bonne Chance!) + know the questions of page 90


Homework for Saturday (usually Monday work):

Send to porzadnyj@stconleths.ie an email with a short paragraph about your holidays (do NOT mention your name in it, try to use as many points of grammar that we saw today) – 10 sentences


Correction de l’exercice de révision de grammaire (1/4):

  1. au cinéma -> masculin/singulier (préposition de lieu “à”) -> à la (fem), au (masc), à Dublin/St Conleth’s (Nom propre – lieu = a place)
  2. la petite fille est très fatiguée (noun is feminine, hence the adjective is as well -> revise irregular adjectives)
  3. C’est un ami de Julie (NOT “il est”) -> introduce someone or sthg -> c’est / you will never find “un, une, des, le, la, les etc.” After “il est” or “elle est” / 95% of time: “it is” in English = “c’est” in French except for:
    1. THE WEATHER: it is hot -> Il fait chaud
    2. THE TIME: it’s thre o’clock -> il est trois heures
  4. il y a 60 milliions -> quantity of = there is / there are = il y a
  5. (sur) la rue / pour la rue / dans la rue -> everywhere in the street
  6. La le bureau -> bureau is femine masculin
  7. et il fait froid -> THE WEATHER: it is hot -> Il fait chaud
  8. nous mangeons de la soupe -> we keep the “e” for pronunciation reasons (without it it would sound like the g in GRRRRRRR
  9. je me lève -> reflexive verb. Why do I add an accent? Silent endings when an “e” is before the consonant: example: se lever -> e + C + e -> Je me lève OR acheter -> e + C + e -> J’achète OR préférer
  10. vous buvez / vous prenez -> a drink, hence boire (careful irregular) OR to have (here to take in French -> prendre)


Correction de l’exercice 5.14 (Panache):

  1. 60 -> 21
  2. It was the colour of the paper he used to print his newspaper on
  3. 1948
  4. First time it was shown on TV (black and white)
  5. 2 billions
  6. The end of the race is on “Les Champs-Elysées”
  7. A and c
  8. They are modern and ultra light
  9. Attendance is the highest in France for this sport event
  10. They live 10 years more than the average

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